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Applicant Information
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Application Fees:

Single Applicant - $40

Married Applicants - $50

Multiple Single Applicants - $40 each.


Applicants must be able to show monthly income equal to four (4) times the monthly rent. They must have 6 months verifiable employment at current job.

Joint Occupancy:

Applicants applying for joint occupancy and not married must qualify individually and separately for the property and only if multi-singles are allowed. Married couples may combine income.

Credit References:

Applicants must have at least two acceptable credit references. Such references must verify that the applicants paid their bills as agreed over the last six months. Newly opened accounts are NOT acceptable.

Rental History:

Applicants must have a satisfactory credit rating with the Credit Bureau as well as good rental history.


FHA-UHD standards allow two persons per bedroom with the provision that children between ages four and twelve occupying the same bedroom must be the same sex. Children over the age of twelve will be allowed one per bedroom. THE TOTAL OCCUPANTS ALLOWED IS DECIDED BY THE OWNER when the management contract is signed.

Viewing Unit:

Applicants must have seen the property before application can be approved.

Final Decision:

Applications must be approved by the Credit Manager before the lease is signed.


I understand that any deposit given with this application to hold the property for me will be forfeited on a prorated basis, according to the number of days the property was off the rental market, if my application is approved and then I decide not to rent the property in question.

K&R Properties is an agent for the owner.

Reservation Fee:

I understand a non-refundable reservation fee will be required to take the house off the rental market for a maximum of up to two (2) weeks. If my application is approved and then, for any reason, I decide not to rent the house in question, I understand the reservation fee will be forfeited and will not be refunded to me. I also understand time is of the essence. However, upon signing my lease the reservation fee will be applied toward my first month's rent. Homeowners LTD is an Agent for the owner. The undersigned agrees to allow K & R Properties of Fayetteville, Inc. to check with credit reporting agencies, references and others referred to herein. I/we understand that failure to provide accurate information is grounds for disapproval

I have read the above and fully understand that the policies stated will be used in consideration of acceptability of the written application for said rental property.